Yaesu PTT Box - For FT-7800, should work for other models

Note you build this entirely at your own risk, if things go wrong I am not liable !

The following is a bad drawing of a remote PTT box I made for my car. The FT7800e is connected to the push to talk box (PTT) box via a flat 6 conductor cable. I crimped an RJ11/6 (6 pins, not the more common /4 - it may be marked RJ12 in some places) to a cable, then noted the colours. Hot melt glue holds the cable in place and gives a bit of vibration proofing.

In use the LED button (Maplin part) lights Red when pushed in - its a latching type so stays on until pushed again. Plug a condensor mic (center positive) into the 3.5mm jack and hey presto its finished. I got my microphone only headset from ebay, originally sold as a karaoke microphone.

Notes: The 10k accross the PTT switch dimly lights the LED so you can find the button in the dark. You may need better decoupling than this. The green button in the same series has a dim LED so don't bother. The Yaesu microphone has 27k inline with -PTT, not 10k. 500 Ohm=2x1k in parallel, 4k7 can be replaced with 2x10k in parallel. The RED push locking switch has a Maplin part code N04AR
This same circuit will work with almost any radio, im using the same PTT box with an alinco dr605 and albriech ae550, it will work between +5 and +15v but you should consider changing the 500ohm LED resistor to something larger for voltages >=12v

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