RFC868 Server

rfc868server - Click here to download

This code is Covered under the GPL V2 license.

This is the server for "rdate" and similar RFC868 utilities.
TCP only implementation on port 37.

This package could be useful for machines that don't run any other process
that provides this kind of service (xinetd for example).

I wrote this for my Fedora Core 12 machine as a simple drop in server.

The code is very (possibly over) simple, it should be pretty robust.

./compile       - compiles the code
./install       - copy the binary and init.d entry into position

service rfc868server start                      - start the server
service rfc868server stop                       - stop the server

date;rdate                            - display system date/time and server date/time
                                                  should be the same

netstat -apl |grep 'rfc868'                     - Check server is running/listening

Tested for GNU gcc / Linux only. It *may* compile/run on other *nix 
platforms, let me know.

Note: If it doesn't work from your LAN check the server machines firewall settings.

BUG ! The install script is missing a line "chkconfig --add rfc868server", will be fixed on next release.

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