2 Metre Echolink MB7IJA-L Node Number 362737

MB7IJA-L 2 Metre Echolink gateway

Node Number :  362737
Location    :  Frome, Somerset  (ST764477)
Power       :  7 dBW ERP
Antenna	    :  3m vertical (gain 6)
Mode	    :  FM Narrow
Frequency   :  145.2875 Mhz
CTCSS       :  77Hz
Morse Ident :  MB7IJA

Having set the correct CTCSS side tone try sending it DTMF tones. If the gateway is idle then sending it a * will prompt it to identify itself, this is a good test for access. If its connected to another echolink node then sending * will have no effect, in that case you can always hangup the link with #. Sending a node number as DTMF tones will connect you that gateway, see this link for a list of currently active nodes. Send 001 to connect to one of my favourites at random.
This page details the DTMF functions in full.

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