Advance Mame 1.4 Modified for GLES driver on RPI

I am not a GL expert, I wrote this code after playing around with line drawing in GLES. I got a lot of good help and some great example code from the Raspberry Pi Forum

2d lines using GLES2?

I wanted to see if I could hack up a simple GLES driver for vector games on the Raspberry Pi board. I recently wrote some code for another project and knew I could do the basics.

The code is a bit hacky, and I am sure it has some bugs. The main issue is that to work properly on GL the code needs some way to determine when the game has fully drawn a 'screen'. The problem is that original vector games did not draw 'screens', they simply keep drawing lines .... My solution was to use a time based algorithm to plot a 'screen' every N milliseconds. I also set the schedular to a more real time pattern.

Compiling is complete arse pain, I am not sure I have it down to an art yet. gcc-4.7 is needed to compile advancemame but the newer Raspian images dont seem to work for me (double free complaints building almost everything). I am using a pretty old raspian (as it was what was on the first RPI board I took out of the cupboard). To build the modified package is something like this:

# cd advancemame-1-4_ja_modified/
# cd src/vidhrdw/

# ./compile
# cd ../..
# make;make install

To build the whole lot from scratch see the cut&pasted text in README.jon
At the moment I am finding it tricky to build on the newer Raspian.

I have left the compiled objects (.o files) in place, it is worth just untaring and trying a make install to test it. If you run ./configure then you may need to refer to JAMakefile and put the change to CONF_LDFLAGS back in - I did say it was hacked in !.

The code is needs re-integrating into MAME. I dont know enough about the internals of it but I have hope that someone will take the code and improve it. The main chunk of code is in src/vidhrdw/vector.c and the two extra files inc_GLES_init.c and inc_plotline_gl.c

For some reason a game may run a little slowly and have broken sound, exiting and re-starting it makes it better, I have no idea why.

Download advancemame-1-4_ja_modified_V0.5.tar.gz

For a quick lazy test install a standard copy of advmame-1-4 then copy this binary into /bin.


For reference here is the config.txt (/boot/config.txt) from the Rasperry Pi 2 board I recorded the video from config.txt


Running on RPI 2 board connected to 42inch LG plasma TV.
I added 'modprobe snd-pcm-oss' to /etc/rc.local (before exit 0 !), setting hdmi_drive=2 in /boot/config.txt gave me sound via HDMI

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